Essay on industrizlization

Education, finally was made compulsory at the primary stage. For the first time in history, the masses had a sustained growth in living standards. Education is imparted according to the social requirements. The structure and functions of family underwent change considerably. The following are the main arguments in favor of industrialization: The liberal and revolutionary ideas as propounded by the thinkers from time to time, stimulated their thinking.

It launched the modern age and drove industrial technology forward at a faster rate than ever before. This has seen a journey from an industrial structure restricted mostly to a few consumer goods industries like textiles and sugar, then to setting up of steel plants.

But the process that came to be set a foot soon galvanised the working class to unity and action. The growth rate of basic goods industries fell from The loss of economic base caused the disintegration of family.

The Bible began to be treated not as a thing apart but as any other book: Industrialization imparts elasticity to the system and overcome the bottlenecks to achieve Essay on industrizlization advantage to suit its resources and potentialities of manpower.

Even in this areas private sector participation can be invited on a discretionary basis. Learning was the privilege of the aristocrats, vocation of the priest and a necessity for the trader. Earmarking the pre-eminent position of the public sector, it envisaged private sector co-existing with the state and thus attempted to give the policy framework flexibility.

Education, finally was made compulsory at the primary stage. Under the new system the workers were rendered completely dependent on their employers. From the normative learning there is shift to the acquisition of knowledge and technical skills. With the adoption of policies of liberalization several structural reforms in the economy have taken place.

There have been large investments actualized and planned for in the year s and thereafter. The industrial prosperity and the social reforms brought leisure and comfort, literacy and missionary activity.

The loss of economic base caused the disintegration of family. Capitalism was already well set by the time industrial revolution commenced. But such an economy may find it difficult to earn foreign exchange to import their manufactures.

Once agricultural production, including dairy production, reaches a point where the demand for food is completely met, its further expansion comes to a halt. The system of Phased Manufacturing Program, which was designed to enforce progressively greater degree of local content, has been abolished.

We need to evaluate the developments in the industrial production. Industrialists wanted more workers and the new technology largely confined itself to large factories in the cities.

In Europe, civilization is comparatively of recent origin and the classes are no less. During this period, the growth rate has been higher than the long-term trend rate, and an accelerating one. In modern industrial societies, the hold of religious beliefs has declined.

Beginning with acquisition of small property and slaves, petty trade and merchandise; feudal life and land tenure; commerce and industry; there developed the class structure. The atmosphere in these schools was not good.

It does not now perform all those comprehensive functions that once were attributed to it. All working men, not under the age of 21 were enfranchised. The Third Republicrelieved education from the church control, and primary education was made compulsory in The industrial development imparts to an economy dynamic element in the form of rapid growth and a diversified economic structure which makes it a progress economy.

Even contemporary economics experts failed to predict the extent of the revolution and its effects on world history.

Essay on Industrialization: It’s impact on Politics, Education, Religion and Family

Mobility, ensured individualism, at the cost of kinship relation. Traditional industries like textiles are no longer as important as before. Many of the traditional functions of religion are now taken care of by secular institutions.

The development of industries producing capital goods enables a country to produce a variety of goods, in large quantities and at low costs, make for technological progress and change in the outlook of the people.The Industrial Revolution and Great Britain - Since the advent of man, the human race has gone through many changes throughout history.

One of the greatest and most crucial changes was the Industrial Revolution of Great Britain. Impacts of Industrialization in India. India is a predominantly agricultural country.

The well-being of Indian economy is directly connected with the welfare of her masses dwelling in the rural areas.

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This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of. Industrialization Research Thesis: Lynn MacKay's thesis to her argument is that the standard of living during the period of industrialization was closely tied to social and political ramifications between and and contemporary opinion concerning the impact of industrialization, and can be clearly seen through the arguments of a number of historians.

Industrialization Essay essaysIndustrialization began its mighty impact in the later part of the 18th century when Europe's economy was introduced to the concept of industrialization. This concept impacted not only Europe but the world as a whole.

Many new ideas and opportunities quickly foll.

Descriptive Essay: The Industrial Revolution and its Effects

India is a predominantly agricultural country. The well-being of Indian economy is directly connected with the welfare of her masses dwelling in the rural areas. With the scientific and industrial development, we had to adopt a vigorous industrial policy.

Essay on industrizlization
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